End of semester procedures

It may be hard to believe but it is already time for: IMPORTANT END OF THE SEMESTER INFORMATION !! (Notice the CAPS lock?)

Attached to this post you’ll find several documents concerning the end of your stay here in Paris. These  procedures need to be started several weeks before your departure.  Please read all of the below documents and follow the directions carefully. Failure to comply with procedures could result in fees subsequent to your departure from NYU Paris and problems with your transcripts/grades.

–The End of Semester Checklist (double check that you have completed everything before you head on home!)

– Important Course Procedures for the end of the semester end of sem.course.procedures
end-of-sem-course-procedures fall 2013

Reminder on NYUP’s Academic Integrity policy

 As you finish your final assignments for this semester, please take another look at NYU’s Academic Integrity policy.

Under no circumstances will plagiarism be tolerated. http://cas.nyu.edu/page/academicintegrity

– Information about closing your EDF/Internet/Phone Accounts.

– Final Housing Information: How to get your security deposit back!
end-of-sem-housing (3)

– HTH health insurance info:  Fall semester students can still go to see doctors until 12/23/2013 but when you fill out HTH reimbursement forms, be sure to have the reimbursement sent to your HOME address.

Open House at NYU Paris

December 13th
2:00-4:00 PM

Visual arts.  photo   music…

Explore   the  house and  discover the great  artworK of your friends at NYU Paris

2:00PM:  Concert featuring the students in Prof. Airout’s
French Through Songs class (salle 6)

2:45PM – 4:00PM Winter holidays “Goûter” and art projects/photography exhibits of students in
Visual Arts workshop and Photo Club

Come discover 5 of Paris’s quartiers, recreated at NYU Paris

Come visit these recreated quartiers in the following rooms:
– Montmartre (salle 3),
– Quartier Latin (salon),
– Bercy (salle 2),
– Notre-Dame et Pont de l’Archevêché (salle 13)
– Place des Vosges (salle 14).

French students from the University Paris Descartes and American students of the workshop Advanced Conversation will demonstrate a French-American perspective with multi-sensory installations.

Food to be served in the Hallway.

Come along!

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013        
4:30PM to 5:30PM

Important Visa Information for Students at NYU Paris entire school year

Dear all-year students, LS Freshmen, and graduate students,
Please read and follow the below directions very carefully, as your legal status in France depends on correctly following these procedures. 

You have received or will soon receive an email from OFII (Office français de l’immigration et de l’intégration), most likely entitled “Convocation pour le VLS-TS” that includes the date and time for a medical appointment needed in order to validate your visa for the rest of the school year.  When you receive this email, please forward it to me at melanie.satterwhite@nyu.edu.

This appointment at OFII is mandatory, and will constitute an excused absence from class. However, you will need to send me your convocation email so that I may alert your professors and grant the excused absence.

I will send another email soon that will include information on preparing for your appointment (documents needed, what will happen at appointment, etc.)

Note:  OFII is also sending you an attestation letter to your physical address, which you should receive in the next few days.  This letter indicates that your immigration dossier is being processed. It is imperative that you carry this letter with you, along with your passport and visa, when you travel over winter break in order to avoid any problems returning to France.

Please be on the lookout for the OFII email as well as the attestation letter at your physical address in Paris. I’ll be back in touch soon with more information on preparing for your appointment.